download the STICK-FIGHTER-2 logo-file in .PSD format right here:
Cpt.Rouget introduces you to the Stick Fighter II project :

Late ago, i was walking the streets posing some stickers...and i was kind of disapointed because there were no really interactivity between people...
So on was born the idea while playing Capcom's Playstation hit game STREET FIGHTER II...

enroling writterz in a fun stickers challenge.

The idea is simple, you can create your character/fighter and name him/her, put the logo on your design. You can change the colorz, make any adaptation of it ... whatever... fell free!
But as long as you can, try to keep this pixel render look of the logo typeface... thanks!

Then go out and search the streets... If you encounter an opponent sticker...


Please do not cross out the other peole's artwork!
It is a challenge, a battle... not a war!